I decided to start an art blog and force myself to draw every god damn day.

My main blog is kileha.tumblr.com

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228/365 - Hermione Reads A Lot (WIP)

yayyy more prograss on this/completely reworking it

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227/365 - Nude Model #1
226/365 - New Character?? Or update?

This might be Mo’s new look, but then I might change her first name?? Last name is definitely Lipkowitz. I have to figure out her character and do a lot more research, but she is a Jewish bisexual starting college. Until now, she has only dated guys but she is really excited to meet some ladies! Of course, it doesn’t really go as planned, but she learns a lot in college and gets up to some crazy shenanigans.

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225/365 - 8 bit Mario (with Post-Its)

Decorated Nick’s wall with a post-it note Mario, but I had to tape them all down because the AC was blowing them off.

224/365 - Spagett (Andy Warhol Style)

This is a late birthday present for my friend Bill, who fucking loves Spagett. From the adult swim "It’s Spagett!" skit.

223/365 - The Griffin

Climbed out of Bill and Nick’s window and drew the Griffin on the walls of our dorm building. 

222/365 - Chicken Pancake

anyway so bill claimed this pancake looked like a rocketship but he was wrong. this was clearly a fat mother hen and her babies, as you can so clearly see

221/365 - My Boys

You can tell I have been slacking on my draw a days by the hitty quality of these drawings.

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220/365 - College!lock (WIP)

added John

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219/365 - College!lock (WIP)

remember when photoshop crashed and corrupted this file so it was unuseable? Well I’m taking another crack at it.

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