I decided to start an art blog and force myself to draw every god damn day.

My main blog is kileha.tumblr.com

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259/365 - Elwin in Autumn

so I think I am going to try to incorporate inktober into my draw-a-days with a special focus on Elwin. because he is my cutie pie.

258/365 - Hand

we had no model in life drawing so we partnered up and drew each other’s hands. do you know how hard it is to keep your hand still for an hour.

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257/365 - Sherlock WIP

i decided i liked this sketch so I am refining it

· wip ·
256/365 - Tony Stark
255/365 - Sherlock

sketchy sketch

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254/365 - Kieren Walker

First time doing In the Flesh fanart, but god I love this show.

253/365 - Models and Hands

we had two models in life drawing and yet we were learning about hands.

252/365 - SCIENCE!!! (or not)

Elwin that is not how you science

· dragon · science · elwin · comics · neoart ·
251/365 - Bisexuwhale

Celebrate Bi Pride! Available as t-shirts, throw pillows, and more on my redbubble. :)

250/365 - Midterms

Elwin is not excited for this exam.

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