I decided to start an art blog and force myself to draw every god damn day.

My main blog is kileha.tumblr.com

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213/365 - Friendship

I miss my losers.

211/365 - Sam & Sharon

So I watched The Winter Soldier twice during my flights from England to Denver, and paused it so I could draw Sam and Sharon. For Sam I just wanted to figure out muscles because I’m crap at those, and for Sharon I wanted to focus on her angular yet square features. Some good practice.

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210/365 - Body Sketches

Trying to draw more realistic bodies from memory. Done during my flight from Heathrow to Houston.

209/365 - At the Beach
208/365 - Japanese Bridge Study

Another “drawn with my laptop’s touchpad mouse” art history classs doodle.

207/365 - Worse for Wear

I got a pair of ripoff Birkenstocks before I went to England, and I wore them everyday for over a month. The soles are starting to get ripped up, so I think I’ll get a new pair of actual Birkenstocks before college starts.

206/365 - At the Beach

Drawing with my laptop’s mouse pad is my new favorite distraction.

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205/365 - In Class

"Take notes on your computer," I said, "You won’t be tempted to doodle in your notebook." Wrong. Ended up sketching this during lecture with my laptops 2x4" touch mouse pad.

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204/365 - Hermione Reads A lot

lol I drew this with my laptop’s touch pad in the middle of my art history class

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203/365 - No one makes it out alive
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