I decided to start an art blog and force myself to draw every god damn day.

My main blog is kileha.tumblr.com

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202/265 - Doctor Strange

For zeeewa! I got super excited and asked for an art trade, and they asked for Doctor Strange! I’ve actually haven’t read any comics with him, but I got way into this and had a lot of fun. 

201/365 - Until the Very End

"and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."  In honor of seven years since the end of a book series that shaped a generation. 

200/365 - Good Morning, Love

Morning kisses are the best kisses even when SOMEONE hasn’t brushed their teeth yet.

199/365 - Park Sketches
198/365 - Buildings

note to self: practice perspective and buildings way more

· sketch ·
197/365 - Femlock Kiss WIP

some more progress on thissssss

· wip ·
196/365 - Harry Potter WIP

gave myself an hour break from studying/writing an essay and started drawing this

· wip ·
195/365 - Character Sketch

trying to figure out what one of my characters looks like

· linadelle ·
194/365 - Sketch of Arya from memory
· sketch ·
193/365 - Bus Doodles
· sketch · sketchbook · doodle ·
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